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Dalma & the typical Odia thali : A divine affair

“If you had to name a dish that would sum up the essence of Odisha – what would it be?” – This is the question I get asked a lot! And I do mean - a lot. And my first instantaneous answer is always – the humble, unassuming Odia comfort offering – the Dalma. For me, dalma is to Odisha what Undhiyo is

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“Bilati Baigana Poda” (Spicy roasted tomato salsa) – The quick appetizer-dip-chutney

Typically, Indian meals are one course meals with several small portions served up together on the same platter at the same time.The overall meal is prepared keeping in mind the coherence of the dishes and their comprehensive flavor.So when I began planning the menu, the appetizer did not quite feature at all. Truly, it all came together in that one moment as I lay on my bed watching Rachael Ray on TV, unwinding after finishing up preparations for dinner.Watching her give her own spin to salsa, I wondered - How about making a quick roasted tomato salsa as a dip for some store bought tortilla chips? So in that one moment, thankfully, it all came together. Prior to that, many-a-times on visits to Mexican restaurants, I have always pondered on the similarity of Salsa Fresca and our own "Tamata poda chutney". For newbies,Salsa Fresca is a very popular Latin American dip/sauce made of raw tomatoes, onions, jalapeno chilies, chopped cilantro and a dash of lemon juice. Its fresh and utterly d

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Sinfully Indulgent – Ras Malai

The ecstasy of being able to whip up a dessert knows no bounds especially when it’s something that’s always been intriguing and delightful-both exactly at the same time. By now, all of you might have guessed that I am endowed with one big sweet tooth.I admit to this felony but well it’s a win-win situation for all of us over here. I get to decipher a fascinating dessert and eat it (!!!) while you get the recipe (and the secrets as well)! Works very very well ! To ease you into this, Ras malai is best described as light, spongy, cheese dumplings soaked in creamy,thick, sweetened and flavored milk. It tastes very similar to Tres Leche but well no real comparison, just an idea for those who like to imagine the taste before they try the recipe. Milk-based sweets are quite popular in the eastern state of Odissa. Ras Malai is one among the numerous such desserts that actually seems to me, as the love-child of rosugulla (sweetened cheese dumpling) and rabdi (thickened and flavored milk). This