Ice-cream in a jiffy – Mango Shrikhand Frozen Yogurt with Almond Pistachio crumble

So far in my experience, no fruit has as much of an intimate relationship with its season than there is between mangoes and summer. Even after spending eight long years (yes it has been THAT long! ) without the luxury; the mention of summer instantly rings mangoes to me. As a matter of fact, it’s the only reason I would agree to happily brave through the sweltering, sticky Indian summer again. Though these days we are utterly pampered by seasonal fruits and vegetables making it to our table year round (all thanks to advanced technology and efficient storage mechanisms), there’s a undeniably poetic essence to the arduous wait for the first taste of the “King of fruits”.

With spring almost coming to an end, to my utter pleasure mangoes have started to make an appearance in the market. Quite understandably, I have that soft corner for the varieties I grew up on – such as Baiganpallei, Totapuri, Alphonso and so on. But the adventurous me is unsurprisingly open about mango choices too. Even the Mexican Acapulco mangoes inspire me as much as the Indian ones. Thankfully I seem to do be doing ok in the absence of the Indian ones 🙂

While that’s that for mangoes, most of you would also agree that  a summer without ice-cream is unimaginable. Who can tolerate getting through the heat without some ice-cream? Cool, creamy and refreshing – I doubt there are any who can resist that irresistible  urge to dig into a bowl of scrumptious ice cream. In the last few years though, health enthusiasts have been substituting for light and fluffy frozen yogurt or fro-yo in short. Low in calories and high in probiotics – it forms the perfect symbolism of “taste with health”, although my preference has more to do than solely for health reasons. One being that yogurt (specifically shrikhand) is my husband’s favorite and of course being from Odisha (having fed with lotsa mitha dahi) – it is mine too. Who else remembers eating _Mitha Dahi _from the tiny earthen pots? Mmmm..it’s making me drool!

Getting back to the topic of frozen treats and yogurt, I see no reason why fro-yo should not partially substitute ice-creams…yogurt churned till fluffy and frozen just like ice cream. What’s not to love? With that personal analysis, I set out one sunny Saturday afternoon to act on an idea that struck, when the husband made a request for shrikhand. Just like shrikhand, it’s a breeze to make and absolutely luscious. Don’t believe me – check out the recipe! After a successful attempt at “Shrikhand fro-yo” came the next – “Amrakhand fro-yo”. Mangoes and yogurt – I said bring it on!

           ~Mango Shrikhand Frozen yogurt with Almond pistachio crumble~

Smooth and creamy, this slightly tangy and utterly lip-smacking mango frozen yogurt has that perfect hint of cardamom & nutmeg spiciness. Topped with a crispy almond and pistachio crumble – that’s an easy-peasy, delicious dessert right in your pocket.


For Mango shrikhand fro-yo

Mango pulp – I used frozen mango pieces from Trader Joe’s 1 Cup

Greek yogurt 1 Cup

Sugar 1/3 Cup

Cardamom powder ½ tsp

nutmeg Pinch

For the Almond Pistachio Crumble

Chopped Almond 1 Tablespoon

Chopped Pistachio 1 Tablespoon

Clarified butter or ghee 1 tsp

Sugar ½ tsp

nutmeg pinch

Rose water ¼ tsp


1. Pulse the mango pieces to make a smooth puree. Measure out 1 C of the mango pulp and keep aside.

2. In the mixer, add in the sugar and pulse. Mix in the mango pulp and pulse for 30 seconds till the sugar dissolves.

3. Then add in the yogurt, cardamom and nutmeg powder and mix well.

4. Pour out the mixture into a freezer safe tight container, cover with plastic wrap and then put the lid on.

5. Freeze for 2 hrs and then take it out. Churn the mixture with a hand blender and keep it back.

6. Repeat the process for another time. This helps to break down the ice crystals and give a smoother texture.

7. For Almond Pistachio Crumble – Mix all the ingredients well so that each grain of nut is well coated with the ghee. Scoop on top of the fro-yo and enjoy!


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